About FEV3R

We are a health-tech company that delivers affordable e-patient services through a healthcare-as-a-service platform.

Our Vision

To transform the traditional primary care doctor-patient relationship and facilitate a higher degree of health conversations.

Our Purpose

To provide the best digital experience with universal access to health data for patients and doctors, while enhancing the patient journey and quality of care at an affordable cost.

Our Promise

To significantly reduce the cost of primary care for corporates and consumers based on an affordable subscription model with better access to health data.

Our Story

The “new normal” made us all adapt to the many challenges that rapidly sprung from the COVID-19 pandemic – and the conversation around healthcare has never been more important.

Despite the increased interest in personal health, it remains a topic that most would only think of when they or a loved one is unwell. While getting more people to care about their general health and wellbeing is important, what’s equally crucial is empowering them to do so.

At FEV3R, we are passionate about providing excellent quality of care by helping you make more informed decisions with better access to your health data. We’ve noticed a huge gap in the current healthcare landscape right now – no one has universal access to their own health data.

This is where FEV3R comes in. We want to transform the way you think and feel about seeing a doctor, and we plan to do this in multiple ways. The first thing we are going to do is make it affordable and accessible to all. Want to talk to a doctor on your mobile phone any time of the day? Not a problem. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or rush to the clinic in between meetings.

We know your health matters to you, your family and your loved ones. Whether you are paying for your own healthcare coverage, or it’s being provided by your company – we’ve got you covered. Join us in our journey to take your health to a higher degree! #HigherDegreeOfHealth #FEV3R

Our Core Team

Adlan Hercus

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Askew

Chief Technology Officer

Sherry Someh

Chief Marketing Officer

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