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Primary Care Reimagined

24/7 Access

Digital healthcare starts with your smartphone. Doctors when you need them, at any time of the day or night

No More Forms

Powerful and intuitive centralized data streamlines and simplifies document processing and reporting and saves you time.

Dedicated Doctors

A team of experienced medical specialists trained to provide virtual care on-demand, around the clock.

Two Way Communication

Health records are always available for patients and doctors to access on the FEV3R platform, providing transparency and a new model of personalized healthcare.

In Depth Insights

Achieve your healthcare goals with personal insights and analysis powered by AI.

Subscription Services

A simple subscription plan with flexible payment options enables you to plan healthcare as dynamically as you staff your business.

Cultural & Social Insight

Understand your business. An HR dashboard collects anonymized health information without compromising your ability to identify health trends and patterns.

Health Screening

Our annual health screen package, as well as a range of additional health services, supercharges the preventive care of your workforce and saves you money.

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Our Plans & Pricing

A Simple Plan

Reduce physical consultations by up to 50%

Save 20% to 50% on your outpatient costs


Per Employee

Annual Plan

RM24 per employee per month


Per Employee

6-Month Plan

RM31.33 per employee per month


Per Employee

Quarterly Plan

RM36 per employee per month

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