A Higher Degree of Health Innovation

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Healthcare as a Service

From teleconsultations and clinic visits to prescriptions and referrals, we provide an all-in-one platform for healthcare services.

Primary Care Reimagined

24/7 Access

Consult a doctor anytime, anywhere through the convenience of your smartphone.

No More Forms

Streamline and simplify document processing with our powerful and intuitive data solutions.

Dedicated Doctors

Our full-time team of doctors are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare.

In-Depth Insights

A new outlook on medical data for greater ownership and personalisation of your healthcare.

Two-Way Communication

Comprehensive and tailored approach to achieving your healthcare goals, powered by AI.

Subscription Services

Flexible and feasible way to access high quality healthcare.

Cultural and Social Insight

World-class technology that adapts and supports all your individual needs and preferences.

What We Offer

All In Annual Plan

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We Bundle

  • Teleconsultations with our in house doctors

  • Physical consultations via our network of clinics

  • Prescriptions

  • Lab investigations


Per employee per year

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