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Consult a doctor as many times as you want from less than 80 sen a day. Save 20% to 50% of the annual cost of outpatient care for your employees from as low as RM288 per employee per year.

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Why Choose FEV3R?


A digital-first subscription model replaces the need for pay-per-use and delivers tangible savings on your outpatient healthcare costs while delivering class-leading patient care and data.


We reduce the administrative burden of claims management and increase the efficiency of your business.


FEV3R enables companies to focus on preventive care. On-demand access to outpatient care slashes the time required to visit a doctor from 3 hours to 10 minutes or less. This saves money, boosts productivity and lessens the impact of presenteeism.


We employ the highest security standards to protect your personal data. We ensure that your health information is protected and private. FEV3R puts you in control of your medical data.

Existing Plan And Provider, And Save Money Too.

Find out how much your company can save with our price calculator.

Speak to us to find out how to keep your existing plan and provider and save money.

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  • FEV3R works with your existing preferred health benefits provider.
  • Using FEV3R with your existing provider can still save you at least 20% on your annual outpatient costs.
  • If you don’t have an existing provider, FEV3R can save you up to 50% with a host of other benefits.
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Primary Care Reimagined

70% of all clinic visits relate to symptoms that can be treated virtually. With FEV3R’s digital-first solution, consult a doctor in under 10 minutes and have the medication delivered to the door.


On-demand, 24/7 healthcare. No more waiting until you feel ill to consult a doctor. Open the app and choose from video, voice and text-based consultations with our doctors in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Clinic Visits

We are digital first. All our doctors are trained to recognise when a patient requires a physical consultation and will refer patients to the nearest clinic for an in-person consultation.


With FEV3R, patients have the convenience of choice. Medication can be delivered directly to patients at their chosen location. Or our doctors will issue a prescription and patients can choose to collect it in person from pharmacies nationwide.


Should a patient’s condition require further investigation or specialist care, our doctors will issue a referral letter and recommendations that you can provide to your insurer.

Lab Tests

If bloodwork or other tests are required, our doctors arrange for the sample collection to take place at the nearest clinic.

Data Analytics

Robust data security protects patients’ medical data and privacy while supplying employers with anonymized health trends and analytics, as well as environmental feedback.

Annual Health Screening

Safeguard your staff and your business with our value-for-money optional health screening packages at only RM100 per employee.

Our Annual Health Screen includes:

  • A full blood examination, biochemistry tests to assess liver and renal function, a diabetes screen, lipid profile for coronary risk, urine analysis, ABO grouping, thyroid hormones, rheumatoid factor, H.Pylori, and a range of tests for infectious diseases.
  • Collection onsite by our trained phlebotomist or at your choice of clinic.
  • Add-on a range of oncology, chemical and industrial tests.
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Annual Health Screening

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